Spyre Media offers a solutions for a number of different business and ventures.

Website design & development

Websites have changed a lot over years, becoming an integral part of any business. We us the latest technology and techniques to achieve maximum exposure for your business. We can support your social networks and improve your SEO.

Online business infrastructure

We can help you build your online infrastructure. Looking closely at your needs and requirements. Developing a flexibly program that can grow as your business grows, and offering you a long term support and development.

Property management & marketing

Marketing your property with it's own website can help you stay ahead. As the market becomes more competitive and the customer more selective. Spyre Media can provide you with a full property marketing and management package

Email marketing & content

Connecting to your customers is one of the most important aspects to any website. This area is sometimes over looked. We can offer you a fully comprehensive customer care service providing you with content to improve your user experience.


Selling your products online is usually one of the main incomes for your business. Improving your user experience, retaining their custom and a gaining feedback, is vital for marketing. We can optimize these technique to improve your new and repeat sales.


For all businesses its important to voice what you are doing, none more than charities. We offer charities online solutions matching their budget. If you feel you can't afford a web developer then you have come to the right place. Get in contact we are happy to help.

We always work with the client in mind.
We believe in growing the clients online infrastructure as the client grow.

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We are here to help you grow. its out main belief. we like to build good and long last relationships with our client. Become part of the team/family and grow together. We have supported many companies start from the beginning and now running a successful business with supporting online applications. Its is important to have […]

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we have years of experience. website technology moves on so quickly it is important not to get left behind. Our team can help you with your business, we don’t just look for the quick fix we look at the big picture. We specialize in customer build system that are tailor made for your needs. We […]

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We look at your business needs and budget carefully. Sometimes, especially at the beginning a website does not necessarily have to have all the bells and whistles. The best practice in most cases is to keep it simple and see what your customer demands are. Then wow then! So don’t spend, spend. spend, take good […]

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A lot of people know they need a website but not sure what they need it for. Spyre Media can help you build your online infrastructure. We can find new avenues new revenue stream and new ways to connect to your customers. Perhaps your business needs new impatience an injection to brief new life back […]

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We are very proud of all our clients. We happy to be part for their team. Helping each other to stride forwards, creating exciting new content and solutions.